Phil Mireles
Phoenix, AZ
Six month old male with very nicely
rosetted pattern which looks amazing.  
His coat is very clear and beautiful.  
Large rosettes on this six month old boy.  
His huge clouded leopard-like markings are
stunning and pop into focus and clarity.
Page updated on 10/8/18
Large rosettes on this pretty cool colored six
month old female that I call Meeka.  She is
very inquisitive and playful as well as
Six month old female I call Diamond.  She has a
very clear coat and her markings and pattern
are unique.  She has nicely spotted feet as well.
Handsome six month old rosetted male.  His
coat is super soft and so is his temperament.  
The first photo shows his true color best.
Very pretty brown charcoal six
month old female I call Pepper
is super sweet and an attention
getter.  She loves attention!