Spothaven Stellaluna
Diva has produced some beautifully rosetted
kittens for her owner, Earl Shropshire of
Starbengal Cattery.  Once such bengal is
Starbengal Vida Mia pictured on my queens
Starbengal My Deva
Sire: Stageone Skywalker
Dam: Starbengal My Deva
Starbengal Vida Mia
Sire: QGR CH Dicaprio of
Dam: Eeyaa's Sterling Silver
Silvergene Satine of Spothaven
Sire: RW SGR Dreamland Sound of Music
Dam: Aluren Light Up The Sky of Stageone

Skywalker is a beautiful Tri-colored Male. His pattern has no hint of a bulls-eye.  He has
produced some wonderfully rosetted kittens in the past including Starbengal Vida Mia of
Stageone Sky Walker of Spothaven
Sire: GRCH Starbengal
Rosetted Bandolaros
Dam: Barbs Golden Apricot
Exoticrose Picasso
Sire: Exoticrose Picasso of Spothaven
Dam: Starbengal Celine Dion of Spothaven
Spothaven Ewan
Starbengal Metallica of Spothaven
This beautiful boy has arrowhead rosettes on a silvery-white
background. We look forward to the wonderful kittens he should
produce with various Spot Haven queens
Starbengal Silverado Of Spothaven
Silverado is a top example of a silver bengal.  His darkly rosetted
markings are well contrasted against his light silvery background.  He is
one of the most sweet and loving stud boys around.  He is the son of
Silvergene's Splendor Of Starbengal and Jumanji Saika.
Some of Silverado's past kittens
Stellaluna is a light brown marble tabby out of a silver dam, Silvergenes
Satine X Stageone Skywalker.  She has a soft, smooth and shiny coat
with a really sweet personality.
She is a pretty girl covered with cluster rosettes.  Her coloring is warmer
than these photos reveal and her coat is ultra soft. Thank you Karen
Sausman of Kingsmark..
Kingsmark Little BitOfJazz
Tonapah is a half sister to Vida Mia. She is a beautiful typie rossetted
daughter to Milwood Ebony Filigree and Starbengal Deva. Pictured at 8
months of age.
Starbengal Tonapah of Spothaven
This is a beautiful F1 bengal.  This rosetted girl is daughter of ALC Sir
Apollo of Spot O'Luck .
Spot O'Luck Ashari of Spothaven
Foothillfelines Thalia
Thalia has a fine soft smooth glittered with rich color. She has a really
light underside with a great purrsonatlity.
Starbengal Patton of Spothaven
Sire: Millwood Ebony Filigree, Dam: Starbengal My Diva
The beautiful rosetted male who was voted best rosetted kitten at the 2002 SW
Bengal Congress is now a full fledged adult and has produced many kittens with
similar type. He is one of the many wonderful cats who contributed toward the
Breeders' Visionary Award being presented to his former owner, Earl Shropshire of
Starbengal. Thank you Earl for allowing us to have this wonderful boy here at
Reference Cats
Phil Mireles
Phoenix, AZ
This girl is our new beautiful silver spotted female. He has great
contrast and nice dark markings.
Spothaven Sashay Shauntai
Spothaven Tadalinka
This pretty girl is out of Foothillsfelines Thalia X Bosque Gere. She
is a beautiful glitter female with lots of warm color and dark rich
Spothaven Mohave
Spothaven Silver Halo
Sire: Starbengal Patton, Dam: Starbell of Spothaven
Halo is a young silver female with large rosettes and she loves attention. She
has much to contribute to our breeding program.
Spothaven Marmoset
Majesticpride Poet
Legacie Electric Ink
Spothaven Silver Sashay